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This is the most comprehensive guide to moving abroad in order to cut your expenses in half, with advice, expatriate interviews, and specific country details for the cheapest places to live. How to cut loose instead of cutting back by having more money to spend each month.

It contains more than 350 pages of no-b.s. advice and stories from more than 60 expatriates in a variety of situations in 20+ countries. If you’re tired of scraping by instead of living life to the fullest, this is your ticket to cutting your expenses in half in a hurry.

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Yes, your local bookstore can stock this also. They can get their regular discount and return terms by ordering from Ingram, the USA’s biggest book distributor. The ISBN number is 978-1733382090.

You will be able to see reviews from real readers at the USA links above, or here’s a sampling from other writers and bloggers:


This is one of those special books that has the ability to immediately change your life in the best ways imaginable. Stop wasting time wandering around the Internet trying to figure out all of this on your own! A Better Life for Half the Price contains everything you need to create an incredible new lifestyle abroad. – Jason Moore, Host of the Zero to Travel Podcast and co-Founder of

If you have that itch to leave the country of your birth and set up shop elsewhere, then this is the best book you could invest in. This is a must-read before you make the decision to get on that plane and fly away. – Mikkel Thorup, Director at and Host of The Expat Money Show Podcast

This book is packed with research on some choice countries to consider for enjoying your best life abroad and offers plenty of interviews and examples of those who have successfully taken the plunge. Once Leffel has guided you through the many low-cost options around the world, be primed to transform your daydreams into practical reality. – Gregory Hubbs, Editor-in-Chief,

A Better Life for Half the Price is the perfect resource to figure out where in the world to move and creates realistic expectations of what the process will be like. An ideal balance of inspiration and information without any sugar-coating. – Nora Dunn, author and Founder of

Many books about living internationally are more about real estate promotion than they are impartial and unbiased guides. A Better Life at Half the Price is not. It is also not specific to one area and includes comments and feedback from over 50 expatriates who have halved their monthly expenses. The expatriates share their stories of how they live and how they have accomplished their lifestyle. They explain the challenges they have faced as well as the solutions. – John Dwyer, editor of Over 50 and Overseas