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You’ll make a 30% commission on each sale. That means $6.60 in your pocket for the e-book package, $26 for the Committed package, and almost $60 if you get someone to sign up for the All In package. You can follow those links for more details, or see the package comparison that your customers will go to here.

Once you sign up, you’ll get a unique affiliate code you can use so that when your readers come here from your site or social link, you’ll get credit for the purchase. Each month you’ll receive your share of the purchases by Paypal, going out within 15 days after month end.

Look for banners at the bottom you can snag—don’t forget to put your own affiliate code in for the link. As you probably know though, talking up/reviewing the product and having a link in the content has a much higher click-through rate that a banner people can easily ignore.

You can grab a 300-pixel file of the book cover to the right, or a larger jpeg 3-D one you can resize easily below.

Got any questions? Drop me a line at tim (at)

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